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Connecting Lives for a Better Future

Your Well-Being is in Good Hands

Welcome!  I am so glad you have come across my site.  My name is Dr. Karen Colburne, and I am a psychologist passionate about journeying alongside parents and their children as they navigate the wondrous yet sometimes challenging aspects of family life.  Children's early development takes place within the context of their close relationships. I work alongside the family helping to strengthen the parent-child relationship to provide the foundation for the child to reach their potential, allowing for the best possible start in life. I have focussed over 20 years of my career on working with children including those with developmental differences and various medical challenges through the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and the Alberta Children's Hospital.  I have supported families through sleep issues, toilet training, picky eating and feeding issues, tantrums and emotional regulation, behavioural issues, and anxiety.  I take a developmental reIational approach inspired by psychologists Dr. Gordon NeufeldDr. Deborah MacNamara and the Circle of Security parenting approach out of Seattle.  I look forward to journeying with you on the adventure of parenting.


"We each seek to know that we are held in the mind and the heart of another."  


-Diana Fosha, Ph.D.

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