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Enhancing the Parent-Child Relationship

The Power of Connection


Child Development

Here for You

Young child's development takes place within the context of the parent-child relationship.  Enhancing the relationship capacities of being a "secure base" and "safe haven" are key ingredients of developing a strong attachment from which your child can thrive.  I offer Circle of Security Parenting, as well as help parents to respond sensitively to their children's needs based on their developmental level.  Children's behavior improves when they feel understood and connected.



I work collaboratively with parents to come up with solutions to common issues encountered with young children such as picking eating, sleep difficulties, toileting issues, and behavioural issues.  Often some challenges such as tantrums are part of the normal developmental process given a child's age and stage, and we can work together on how to best move through these stages by cultivating an environment that will help your child thrive.  In addition to spending time with parents, it may also benefit to see a child for one to one therapy.  For example, if a child is experiencing high levels of anxiety that is interfering with daily functioning.

Educational Planning

I provide psycho-educational and/or socio-emotional assesments depending on the client need, including assessments for giftedness, and assessments for learning and developmetanl differences for preschool aged children up to elementary age.  I use reliable and standardized gold standard assessment tools to help in understanding your child's learning needs.


Building a Strong Foundation

Sometimes parents seek consultation proactively.  This might occur when preparing to start a family in order to receive some guidance on how to best harness nature's way of empowering parents - through developing a strong attachment to their child.  Perhaps parents have focussed questions regarding their child, and are seeking some professional advice to make sure they are on the right track.  It is such a privilege to walk with individuals as they are starting out on their journey of parenting.


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