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Dr. Karen Colburne

Registered Psychologist, Alberta

Specializing in infant and child development 



My Story

The majority of my childhood was spent on an acreage in Bragg Creek, Alberta, where I enjoyed the wonder of the outdoors with time spent cross country skiing, hiking, and riding horses.   While finishing a Bachelor of Arts with an Honours in Psychology at the University of Calgary in 1992,  I discovered the profession of Clinical Psychology where I could follow my passion of connecting with children and their families.  


I began my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the Child Development Center at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, where I graduated with my Masters in 1994, and my Ph.D. in 2000.  During my time in graduate school I had the privilege to complete a residency at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, followed by a year long residency in Ottawa at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).  During these placements I gained invaluable experience working with a variety of children and their families with complex learning, social/emotional, developmental, and medical issues.  I was humbled and inspired by the families I journeyed alongside during these experiences.


After completing my residency at CHEO and working there part time, I accepted a position at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, where I remained for the next 9 years.  During that time, I was a member of a number of multidisciplinary teams, including the Neuromotor Clinic, the Metabolic Clinic, the Feeding Consultation Service, the Perinatal Clinic, and the GastroIntestinal Clinic.  In 2014, I began a part-time private practice in the Calgary area, focussing on children from infancy to elementary school age and their families.

I currently live in Calgary with my husband and 2 children, and in our spare time we enjoy outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, canoeing, biking and cross country skiing.

My Passion

A Licensed Professional Here to Journey With You 

I delight in helping parents to see the wonder of the world afresh through the eyes of their children. I aim to empower parents as the "bigger, stronger, wiser, and kind" half of the parent-child relationship, and as such, I walk along side them as they make shifts in order to bring about the change within the family that they desire. One of my areas of specialty is parent-child attachment.

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