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Circle of Security


Video-taped Feedback: Enhancing the Relationship


Circle of security is a relationship-based intervention 

Follow this link to watch some short videos that provide a summary of Circle of Security:

We have the freedom to make different choices in the moment only through awareness and reflection.  As parents we make 100s of decisions daily regarding our children.  One powerful way to reflect on our relationships with our children is by seeing ourselves in action.  In one session I will videotape you and your young child in a 15-20 minute play session.  In subsequent sessions without your child present, we will review the video and look for your child's built-in desire for connection with you, moments of delight, as well as areas for growth within the relationship.  By reflecting on what your child may be thinking and feeling, and stepping back and seeing your responses to your child during play, you can continue to build on strengthening  and deepening your vital connection.

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